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Rat Control, Rat Removal Services in Miami-Dade

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Having rats in the house is a nightmare for most homeowners, and the presence of rats can lead to disease-causing pathogens and rapid reproduction. They can also invade walls and easily infest the rooms in your house.

The rats can usually enter the house through places like holes or A/C vents, and they usually prefer to find a warm area where they can habituate and find food.

Signs of Rat Infestation:


You need to be aware that the chemicals used to kill spiders are not always effective. Spiders do not easily pick up the pesticides and they use their long legs to keep their bodies away from the ground. This causes the pesticide to only reach their feet, thus pesticides are not an effective way for them to die.

Finding numerous amounts of rats in your home is detrimental to your health, can lead to toxicity, and would bring along a bad smell. Alongside these factors, having rats in the house can cause damage to things such as insulation and electrical wiring, since rats tend to chew on these materials and lead to the risk of a fire occurring.

Diseases that Rats Bring


Some harmful diseases that rats bring include Salmonellosis, Leptospirosis, Rabies, and Rat Bite Fever. Salmonellosis is caused by rat feces and humans can contract it if they ingest food that contains it. Leptospirosis is a disease from rat urine and it can be spread through food or water that has been contaminated by it.

Rabies is a viral infection that can be deadly and can spread to large populations of animals. Rat Bite Fever can be contracted through rodent urine, mucus or rodent bites.

These diseases are all dangerous and could be lethal, so rodent removal is especially important in order to prevent them from occurring.


Different Types of Rats

Some of the rats you might find residing in your home include Roof Rats and Norway Rats. The Roof Rat is constantly looking for food while the Norway Rat is usually selected for lab tests or used as a pet.

Choosing our Services


As a solution to the rat infestation, you should choose Zap Em Pest to deal with the problem. First, our services will identify the type of rodent in your home and then commonly use baits or traps to capture the rodent.

Some of the different rodent control methods used include glue or electric traps, spray or edible poison, the closing of possible entryways, and using bait to capture the rodents.

All of our technicians are trained and provide a unique plan to make sure your home is free of these rodents. With our great deal of experience and the use of the most effective methods for rat control, we will make sure that the problem is handled successfully.

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We will eliminate Cockroaches,  Rats, Mice, Ants, Bed Bugs, Termites, Flies, Silver Fish and more. Guaranteed.
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We will eliminate Cockroaches,  Rats, Mice, Ants, Bed Bugs, Termites, Flies, Silver Fish, Fleas, Ticks, White Flies, & More.. Guaranteed.

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